Frequently Asked Questions | Kamaratih Batik

Frequently Asked Questions

What does additional prices mean?

  • All batik fabrics we use are the good quality ones. For those who are bigger fans of batik, we also have premium batik collections.

All premium batik fabrics are fully handwritten on better quality cotton. That’s why, those additional prices are added on top of our regular prices.

​​I am confused on the prices you have on the website, what does it cover?

  • All prices cover both the batik fabrics and production cost.

How long does it take to process my order? And how about the payment?

  • It takes 4-6weeks to process your order. We require 50% payment upfront within 2x24hours after you place your order and please fill out payment confirmation form on our website. 

FYI, we only accept orders from our website and our CS’ Whatsapp number and Line.

I am not sure about my measurements; do I need to fill out all the measurement fields?

  • The more measurement fields you fill out, the more precise your batik clothing will be.

But if you are unsure about your size, please make sure to at least give us your body height and weight.

Can I choose my own fabrics combinations?

  • We will be so honored if you let us pick out the combinations. However, we will try to accommodate your requests.

Do I have to hand-wash my batik? Will the colors transfer?

  • There is slightly chance that your batik colors will transfer on the first wash. Do not panic. It is very common since batik are written with natural color wax. We do recommend hand-wash your batik separately.

How about after sale service?

  • Yes, we do have after sale service. Alterations are free of charge within one week after the clothes are received.

Return shipping fee to Kamaratih is on customers.

Will I receive my shipping tracking numbers soon after I make the remaining balance payment?

  • Shipping tracking numbers are only given if you haven’t received your packages in 5 working days after shipment.

Feel free to contact our Customer Service for the numbers.

I change my mind, can I cancel my orders?

  • Your orders can be cancelled within 1x24 hours after you place your order. Please contact our Customer Service to cancel yours.